Well, I didn’t really have a Halloween costume this year, but I did get all dressed up as Magenta, from “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” for the midnight showing on Saturday night… pictures when I get them… Gabe was Riff Raff, and Megan was Columbia… we also all got drafted for the “live” version… I had forgotten how much fun that can be! 🙂

I’d love to do it again next year, with a little advance warning, so that I can actually watch the movie before hand and be a little clearer on Magenta’s parts… 🙂 And it would be really kewl if we could actually get the whole cast to be LARPers, and have everybody know what’s going on with their parts… I won’t be as anal about it as the guy who ran the show when I played Janet in K-ville, but we could definitely do a lot better than the thrown together at the last minute cast that they had on Saturday… 🙂

In other news, The Sims: Makin’ Magic rocks, and is completely addictive, as many of the previous expansions were… buy it, you will love it… 🙂 I’m having to split my time between that and working on Christmas presents…

Speaking of the latter, I need to make a list of who all I need to get presents for, and what to get them… as for me, I just want a whole bunch of DVDs, and maybe a new pair of jeans… and gift certificates to Hot Topic, of course… 🙂 That would pretty much do it… 🙂


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