We went and saw “Master and Commander” last night… very good movie… I’m very much in awe of how good it looked… there were a lot of scenes that appeared to be filmed out in the middle of the ocean, but there’s no logical way they could have done so… very cool!

Definitely looks like there will be a sequel or twelve… the book that this movie was based on is the 10th in a series… 🙂

Preview-wise… there’s a new Denzel Washington movie, set in Mexico City, also featuring the little girl from “I am Sam”… the preview opened with “There have been 24 kidnappings in Mexico City in the past 6 days” (or something along those lines)… Gabe and I were both immediately thinking Sabbat… of course… 🙂 But this one can probably wait for video… 🙂

I’m getting tired of seeing the same preview for “The Last Samurai” every time I go to the movies… give me some variety, people… 🙂

I have no desire whatsoever to see “The Day after Tomorrow” or whatever it’s called… it’s another apocalyptic weather disaster movie… blah…

I think there was probably another preview, but I’ve forgotten it… *shrug*…

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