I’ve got my boom box at work now, and it’s making work so much nicer… I’ve settled into a nice little routine, too… whatever CD goes in first ends up getting played twice… mainly cuz I’m still waking up during the first run through… after that, something else goes in before lunch… sometimes it gets finished or replayed after lunch, though most days, I’ve been going to the Cruxshadows new CD right after lunch (which, unfortunately, is in the CD player at home today)… depending on how the afternoon goes, I either swap out CDs all afternoon, or just stick Transcendental Anarchists (which is ambient techno-ish stuff) in there for the whole afternoon…

Transcendental Anarchists is probably the best CD I’ve got for listening to at work… there’s no words, so it can’t really offend anyone… it’s relatively quiet, so it shouldn’t bother anyone else’s concentration, and it’s just peppy enough to keep me going… I like it… and to think, I found it for $1, when I was in Arizona… definite steal… 🙂

Speaking of the new Cruxshadows, it’s awesome… for some reason, “Winter Born” is the song that I really really like, but “Cassandra,” “Citadel,” and the hidden track (the name of which I can never remember) are other favorites… the lyrics are really good, as always… the only regret I have is that they felt the need to mess with Rogue’s voice, making it sound kinda fuzzy/digitized/I don’t know how to describe it… basically, non-clear… he has a really good voice; they should just let it be clear…

I’m chugging away at cards, but not getting much done… obviously, can’t type cards and this at the same time… so I should stop now… 🙂


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