Well, let’s see here… we watched “Hellbound: Hellraiser 2” last night… maybe I’m jaded somehow, but I’m just not seeing the horror in badly acted, badly CGI-ed movies… unless the horrific part is supposed to be the bad acting… šŸ™‚ The Cenobites aren’t even really all that scary… they just look weird, and can throw hooks at you… whee…

Yeah, I’m probably just jaded… šŸ™‚

In other news, I’m going to be running a LARP again… it’s not starting till January, which is good, cuz I have a ton of work to do before then… and I’m supposed to be running Turkey Madness on Friday, as per tradition… I suppose a plot for that might be nice… šŸ™‚ At least I found all of the character sheets! w00t! šŸ™‚

I think that’s really about all of the news of any worth at the moment… I’m only at work today and tomorrow, which is very nice… after that, I work for 3 full weeks, and then have 2 full weeks off… w00t! šŸ™‚


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