Wow… we watched a whole bunch of movies this weekend… all new DVD purchases, as there were a lot of good deals…

We found out on Thursday that we could get “28 Days Later” for $12 if we went to Best Buy on Friday morning… so we hauled ourselves out of bed around 9:30 a.m., and braved the crowds… aside from barely being able to move down the aisles, it wasn’t too bad of an experience… especially when they opened up more lanes at the Service Desk, and we were the first ones in line… 🙂

As for that movie, of course it was good… that’s why we bought it… 🙂 I do have to say, however, that I’m glad they used the ending that they chose. I would have preferred the movie to end at the car crash, personally… but out of the 3 possibilities on the DVD, I like the one we saw in the theatre the best… 🙂

Saturday, I found “Ghost Ship” and “Thirteen Ghosts” for $18 together, so I picked those up… “Ghost Ship” we had seen before, and really liked… “Thirteen Ghosts” we hadn’t seen, and hadn’t heard much good about it, but Cindy said it was okay… at any rate, I would have paid $20 for “Ghost Ship” alone, so it was a good deal… 🙂

“Thirteen Ghosts” wasn’t the greatest, though it was tolerable… some of the special effects are pretty kewl, at least… but the big CGI machine is kinda silly… 🙂

And “Ghost Ship” is even better on the second viewing, I think… yeah, you know what’s gonna happen, but it’s still neat… 🙂

Also, on Saturday, I saw that they had a Spawn DVD in the $6 bin at Wal-Mart… Cindy said it was the HBO cartoon… after I told Gabe about it, he said we should go double check, and buy it if it was the cartoon… it was, so we got it, and watched it yesterday too… not bad, really… I’ve only ever seen part of the movie, and never read the comic, but I liked it… the plot was actually decent… very convoluted and such! 🙂

So that’s all for this past weekend… which is more than enough, really… 🙂


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