Gabe has two Eddie Izzard DVDs waiting for him at his parent’s house… and we have 1/4 inch of ice coating our entire car… waah! Actually, there’s a good chance that his dad brought them to him today at work, but that remains to be seen…

Yeah, the weather here is very crappy at the moment… ice all over everything… it SHOULD melt today, but it’s supposed to start snowing tonight or tomorrow… yet will be in the mid 40s by the weekend… *shrug*…

I got a small amount of genealogy information from Gabe’s mom on Friday night, and have already gotten a TON more from the internet… I’ve discovered that a lot of Illinois counties have their early (pre-1880) censuses online, so that is making my job a WHOLE lot easier… still have a lot of stuff to go through, but that will have to wait until… probably Friday at the earliest…

Today: wrestling

Tuesday: game stuff – start writing rumors for this week’s influence, work on plots, get the influence tracking stuff in place; oh, and I have to do laundry this week, as I didn’t get it done Sunday, due to the ice and stuff…

Wednesday: game stuff – actually do the influence for the week

Thursday: wrestling

Friday: dunno yet…

Saturday: game

Sunday: recuperate… 🙂

That’s pretty much what my week looks like every week… I’m rather glad that Accursed Forgotten doesn’t play very often, or I’d be more insane… whee…


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