Argh… I’m far too busy again… mostly game is kicking my ass, but I’ve got other crap I need to be working on as well… so when you add all of it together, you have a very busy Dawn…

And gee, I mentioned needing to work on E-Con stuff last week, and I haven’t done a damn thing… because I’m lazy… 🙂 The truth is that I’ve got the basic story worked out, and I’ve read through the system once, but I still need to actually sit down and create characters… blah…

I suppose I might be more inspired if the pre-reg packets were already out… but they aren’t… *grumble*…

Oh, funniest thing last night… Gabe turned on the TV as we were getting ready to go to bed, and said “hey, there’s something about vampires on TV”… it was on PBS, and I went into the bedroom just in time to see a certain former LARP ST, who ran Washington (and the game set there) into the ground (hint: mummy)… he was being credited as a “Vampire Expert”… to which I responded in a statement laden with obscenity, though basically saying “no, he’s not”… then another certain former LARP ST, also associated with the running of Washington into the ground (hint: Infernal bishop), credited as a “Vampire Historian”… who then proceed to call Bram Stoker, “Bram Stroker”… *sigh*… oh, and then another certain former LARP ST (hint: the other Infernal bishop), but at least they just called him a “Vampire Enthusiast”… that one I’ll buy…

Anyway, as it turns out, this was apparently the night that the college group that films stuff for PBS came to game… oddly enough, I think I wasn’t there for that one… 🙂 But it was very amusing to see a lot of the former LARPers… Brenna, Duff, Ventura… it was a riot… 🙂

Well, I suppose I should work…


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