No, I don’t really post much here anymore… yes, I guess you could say that makes me a slacker…

Really, though, I don’t have much of interest to report. My life goes on in a very predictable manner… I wake up, go to work, eat dinner, and then either hang out with friends or play around on my computer… it’s simple, but it’s kinda nice… 🙂

Genealogy research proceeds as normal, with me alternately getting fed up with certain families and then rejoicing when I find that one piece of information that opens the floodgates… I’m currently wrestling with my own last name, and am discovering that it seems that a lot of the information my great-grandpa compiled (which I have always taken as gospel) might be wrong… back to the drawing board, then…

As an aside to that, I’m trying to rework my genealogy webpage… I had it all done up some time ago, and deleted everything after I stopped keeping it updated… I’m gonna try again, with more effort towards accuracy, and then try to keep it current… it’s a big project, but it’s something to do that’s a little different than the usual research and frustration with that… 🙂

Work is the same as always… the card project is progressing steadily, though not nearly as quickly as I’d like… at this rate, I’ll still be working on the Civil War probably at this time NEXT year… ugh… then again, there are a lot of Civil War cards, and things thin out after a while… it’s just monotonous…

Game is going well, though I am glad to have a week off from it this week… we’re trying to strike a fine balance between “not enough to do” and “too much to do”… I think we’re there, but it’s hard to tell sometimes… one week, all of the STs are running scenes, and there is no one (or very few people) in the main game area; the next week, there are a couple of STs running scenes, and a large group of people in the main area… *sigh*… over all though, I think it’s doing okay… I’m enjoying having 10-15 players there on a weekly basis, and am kinda glad it’s not too much bigger than that… yeah, I’d like some “new blood,” as it were, but I can live without it, if that’s the way of things… 🙂

E-Con is approaching rapidly, though there’s not too much to do still for that game… I want to make up cheat sheets for a lot of the powers and other stuff that is unique to Orpheus, but I think that’s just a matter of sitting down at the computer with the book… could probably even do it while I watch TV or something… 🙂

Oh, I learned to crochet, thanks to Gabe’s mom… 🙂 She taught me to knit, as well, but that was far too frustrating for me… I’m still not terribly good at crocheting, but I’m working on it… I’ve got all kinds of bizarre ideas (I want to crochet ribbon, just to see if I can), just not enough time to implement them all… 🙂

And, of course, Gabe and I are happy as ever… he’s got a pretty busy semester, but he does most of his school work while he’s working (5 hour long blocks of work are good for that!)… so when we’re home, we can both just veg out… 🙂 Always nice to be able to do that… 🙂

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