Yeah, I know it’s been almost a month since I’ve updated. So?

Game continues on. We’re down to about 10-12 players now, as a couple of players went home for the summer. We’re always looking for new folks to join us, so if you’re interested in White Wolf, live in or near Carbondale, Illinois, and particularly if you like LARP, drop me a line. While having such a small game is nice, we’d love a few more players! 🙂

Crocheting is going well, as I’m getting very good at making hats. Definitely going to look into getting a table at the Holiday Craft Fair in December. If I can figure out shawls / ponchos, and they don’t take too much yarn or time, I may see about getting a table at the fall craft/yard sale as well… but that’s still very much up in the air, as I haven’t even tried to make a poncho or shawl yet, and I have a feeling they will be time consuming, as they are much larger than hats. I can whip up a hat in about 3 hours now, slightly less if I used thicker yarn and bigger hooks.

Genealogy, I’ve been slacking off on, but I made some copies today, which I’m going to look over during lunch, and then see what I need to do next for the family the copies are about.

We’re probably going to St. Louis at some point, it’s just a matter of figuring out when. Need to E-mail my mom and make sure she’s not going on any crazy vacations that I might need to know about. We may also be going to Memphis this summer, with Gabe’s family. That’s still in the air too, though, as I haven’t heard any definite dates yet. If we go, I so don’t want to take our car… no AC + travelling south during the summer = no fun!


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