Yet another month passes…

July has been bad.  We’ve had continual problems with the car (we were essentially without it for over a week), problems with the AC (including it attempting to burn up and take the apartment with it), and just general crap.  I’m glad to say that there are only 2 days remaining in this month, and it can only get better now, right? 🙂

I may have district court jury duty next month… never mind the fact that I had county jury duty about 4 years ago… never mind the fact that they sent the stuff about it to my OLD name and OLD address, which basically means their info was nearly 2 years old… never mind the fact that their info is supposedly based off of driver’s license and voter registration info, and I know I updated both of those…

But yeah… if I do have to go, I get $40 per day I go, plus mileage (to Benton)… still get paid at the regular job, being full time and all that… and I will get to take something amusing with me to do while sitting and waiting… haven’t decided if that will be a book, cross stitch, or crochet.

The bad parts, of course, being that I will have to drive about half an hour there and back, in the car with no AC, which has been giving us trouble for a solid month… scary… and I’ll also get way behind at work… though I’m planning to show one of the students a little bit of stuff tomorrow, just in case.  I’m preparing to actually have to do this, because then if I do, everything is taken care of.  And if I don’t, well, woo hoo! 🙂

Game continues on as always… it’s annoying and takes up all my time, but I can’t quite bring myself to NOT run it.  It’s fun at times, and the players like it, so it’s really hard to end it.  I do know, however, that if the game does stop, that will be the end of Washington for a bit.  I’ve discovered during this go-round that the city needs a LOT of work to be a viable game setting… and I’d rather be the one in control of said work, rather than leaving it open.  After all, we all know what has happened to Future City on WAY too many occasions… *sigh*…

Got a little information about some craft fairs I will probably be doing this fall, but nothing concrete yet… need to make a phone call about one of them, shortly…


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