Musical Travesties Revisted

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another ScaryWhiteGirl rant on covers… 🙂

I like Duran Duran. No, take that back, I LOVE Duran Duran. I’ve been a Duran Duran fan since I was a kid. I remember lying in bed one night, while my parents were watching the news in the living room, hearing that Simon LeBon had been in a boating accident, and rushing to the living room, despite the fact that I knew better than to get out of bed, because I HAD to know what had happened. (Yeah, that was a long time ago.)

But you know, I think Duran Duran has done a few too many covers that maybe they shouldn’t have. Case in point:

“911 is a Joke.”

Now I’m not a big rap fan, honestly. But “911 is a Joke” is at least a song that I remember hearing, I remember being amused by, and somewhat liked. But Duran Duran should NOT have covered this song. Bad idea.

So yeah, it breaks the usual mold… usually, if I like the band performing the cover, I will like the cover. But no… Duran Duran should be stopped, in this case.

Not to say all their covers are bad. They do one of the better covers of “Thank You” (Led Zeppelin) that I’ve heard.

Yahoo / Launch Radio has a station that’s all 80s covers. If it weren’t for the fact that my computer does NOT want to install Flash 7, well, you can guess what I’d be listening to all day… 🙂

Heh… how appropriate… Arcadia is on radioio80s now… 🙂

(PSA: Arcadia is most of, if not all of, the guys from Duran Duran…) 🙂


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