Well, it’s been almost a month, I should update… 🙂

Crystal Tower is on indefinite hiatus. There have been some recommendations that we go to a bi-weekly game, but I’m not sure if I’m even up for that at the moment… we’ll have to see, really… for now, it’s a back-burner sort of thing. Much more important stuff to keep on the front burners.

Part of the reason for the recommendation of a bi-weekly game is that there’s a new Sabbat game starting up in the interim, and their STs want to go bi-weekly. Me, I’m just happy that there might be a viable Sabbat game again… 🙂 Been pondering my character lots, of course. I’ve got most of it nailed down, at least roughly, but I need to figure out costuming… yeah, of course, that’s what Dawn gets hung up on… 🙂

Been sick for most of this week. In fact, this will be the first day this week that I make it a full day at work… Monday doesn’t really count, as I only cut out about half an hour earlier than I normally do, but I was only in for half a day on Tuesday and 2 hours yesterday… luckily, most of the important stuff I need to be working on at the moment is virtually done… in fact, one of my student workers and I should be finishing off the first of two grant applications tomorrow or Monday… go us! 🙂

Oh, and the yard sale… well, I sold 7 hats… I suppose it could have been much worse. People seemed to like them, they were just a bit put-off by the prices, which, I will admit, were fairly high for a yard sale. I think they’ll do better at the craft sale in December. I’m not gonna make a whole bunch more between now and then, but I did get a lot of people looking for hats with ruffles around the bottom, so perhaps a few of those should be cranked out… and I think I’m gonna take apart a few hats, which seemed to be rather hole-y, and re-make them. 🙂


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