(For those who have been wondering, yes, I think this is now my official “rant about cover songs” blog.)

Add another one to the list of things I hate, despite the fact that I haven’t even heard it. Apparently AFI has done a cover of “Head Like a Hole.”

Now there are some songs that you just DON’T cover. “Head Like a Hole” is perfect the way it was written. It has no chance of being improved by any cover. Granted, Devo does a version of it which is enjoyable and amusing, but it’s still not something that should be done. And especially by AFI. I don’t care if the lead singer of AFI is a little bit cute, that doesn’t excuse him.

Bad AFI, no bisquit!

In other news, I am currently reserving judgement on Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Personal Jesus.” I heard a brief clip of it on a commercial for his Greatest Hits (wha? How does he get greatest hits after maybe half a dozen years of making music). I was deeply offended at first, but it sounds like it could be okay. And as Thor pointed out last night, Marilyn Manson’s covers do have a tendency to be some of his better songs. His “Sweet Dreams” is awesome, in my book… and I even really like the original of that song! 🙂

So for those keeping score, the list of bands that Dawn is extremely grumpy with are as follows:

– 311, for “Lovesong”

– Amy Lee, for “Heart Shaped Box”

– Tatu, for “How Soon is Now”

– AFI, for “Head Like a Hole”

In another category are those who Dawn is grumpy with, but might be willing to forgive based on other merits:

– Tori Amos, for damn near every cover song she’s ever done… but she’s a sexy red-head, and one of the few women I’d actually want to be romantically involved with, so she’s forgiven

– Duran Duran, for “911 is a Joke”… because I can forgive them for one error… mainly cuz Simon LeBon is a sexy sexy man… even if he is getting old… 🙂

I’m sure there will be additions at a later date… 🙂


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