Well yes, I think I shall talk about something other than bad covers here… though I have another one to talk about as well… 🙂

So, last night Gabe was reading through the cheapo TV guide that comes in the paper, and found something about a movie called “The Irish Vampire Goes West.” Pop over to IMDB, and here ’tis Comes out on Feb. 10th of next year. It looks to be an Irish movie, probably not big budget or anything spiffy, but there’s a vampire, and he’s Irish… so that makes it kinda kewl, right? 🙂 Eh, if it comes to C-dale, I’ll probably see it! 🙂


And now for the latest in Dawn’s cover rant-ettes. I call this one a rant-ette, cuz I’m still not entirely sure of how I feel about this song overall.

So A Perfect Circle has covered “Imagine,” by John Lennon. Mmmm… bad idea. John Lennon was an amazing artist, and “Imagine” is an amazing song. It would be really hard to improve upon it, and there’s too much of a chance to screw it up.

That being said, here’s what I think. I really like what they’ve done with the music. It’s very multi-layered, and quite gorgeous. HOWEVER (you knew that was gonna happen, didn’t you)… Maynard changed the melody of the lyrics, and it just seems off. Like, not quite out of tune, but coming really close to that. I’m just not sure why he decided to do that, because the original tune of the lyrics was just fine.

So the overall view: I’m not going to put A Perfect Circle, or Maynard, on the list of bands who need to be smacked. Part of this is the fact that I love A Perfect Circle and Maynard. Part of this is that I guess it could have been worse. But overall, they shouldn’t have done it. The world could have been an okay place without a cover of “Imagine.”



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