The rant for today shall be: movie sequels that suck… 🙂 Not a comprehensive list, but just a couple I feel the need to comment upon.

So there’s a movie called “Ginger Snaps.” Werewolf movie, the main character being a teenaged girl, and so it’s a bit of different look at being a werewolf… then again, I haven’t seen a lot of werewolf movies in general… 🙂 Anyway, there’s a sequel to this movie called “Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed.” And it’s not really like the first one at all. Most of it takes place in a drug rehab place, and while it does deal a little bit with the whole “petty teenage girl” thing that the first one featured, it’s just plain weird… and the ending is way off… I didn’t like it at all…

And then there’s “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” I liked “Desperado.” Never seen “El Mariachi.” I don’t know if it was because Antonio Banderas’ character is so mopey and broody or what, but even Johnny Depp couldn’t save this movie. Granted, his character is pretty awesome (if overly skilled with a gun within hours of losing his sight), but not awesome enough to make this a quality movie. I liked the flamethrower bit, but that was about all… and the Johnny Depp’s character losing his eyes was BAD BAD BAD… couldn’t watch it.

So yeah… two bad movies in one day… but they made decent background noise for a lazy Sunday afternoon of crocheting and cross-stitching. I should have gone and done something outside, cuz it was so nice, but I was lazy… 🙂


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