I think I’m gonna start up “theme days” on my blog… this is only a halfway developed idea at the moment, but here’s what I’ve got so far…

Monday is going to be movie review day. Mainly because I tend to watch most of the movies I see on Saturdays and Sundays. So they’re fresh in my mind on Monday.

Tuesday is going to be game recap day. Granted, I mostly game on the weekends too, but I can’t do everything on Mondays!

Wednesday, I think, will be music commentary day. So either rants on cover songs, or talking about other music stuff.

I’m still open for suggestions on Thursdays and Fridays, though right now, I suspect Thursday will end up being about crafty type stuff, and Fridays will be EotWWW… yeah, that might do it. 🙂


So then, music commentary day.

Well, we’ll start with the Middle Eastern Dance Mix CD that I made. Since Seth J. and I are taking M.E. Dance this semester, and since we dance over at Thor and Cindy’s after game most Saturday nights, we needed to pick out some songs that we could dance to. So I made a whole damn CD. Now this is mostly a good thing, but it has brought up two points.

1) Not everything I picked for the CD is gonna work out quite how I wanted it to. I made a copy of the CD for our teacher, and she listened to it last night. Now I had been thinking about working on “Touched,” by VAST, cuz I love that song. Well, last night, on hearing it, our teacher said that with that one, we’d have to just go with the music, cuz it’s NOT in 4/4 time. Great. That makes that far more complex.

2) I listen to some rather obscure stuff. I commented to Seth that I really like Black Tape for a Blue Girl, but I’ve only ever heard one song by them, and that I need more. But that you can’t find their CDs locally. *sigh*… Most of the M.E. Dance CD is from compilation CDs… so a LOT of the bands on it are bands that I’ve only ever heard one song by. And it’s hard to remedy that. 😦


In other news, today’s musical selection is The Black Bible, which is a 4 CD goth compilation (gee, go figure). This is some good stuff. 66 songs, all told. Gotta love that much gothy goodness… 🙂


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