Game recap day! πŸ™‚

This past weekend was a two game weekend, so quite a bit going on. Unfortunately, I was rather tired at both games, due to the craft fair.

Friday game, I only played for a couple of hours. But apparently a couple of hours was all it took to make an impression… well, more realistically, probably about 5 minutes. See, the new Prince had assigned each of his officers one of the Traditions to explain. I got Hospitality. Dennis and I talked about what he wanted me to do with that, and I ran with it, full bore. I wrote up my entire speech (only one who did that), and read it to everyone during game. And from what I’ve heard, people continued to talk about my speech for the whole weekend… now let’s just enforce what I said, and it’s all good… πŸ™‚ Remember, “you are nothing”…

Saturday game wasn’t too bad, though I spent most of the night trying to clean up after my pack members… well, two of them, specifically, and a third who got dragged along for the ride. Picked up two new members, ended up having to lose one of them to the newly formed 4th pack. Ah well, I’ll live. I like my pack with 6 members; we’re at 7 right now. Well, someone will end up dead, I know… πŸ™‚

I need to figure out peoples’ schedules over Christmas, so I can schedule the 2nd half of Turkey Madness… cuz I’m really liking that story at the moment… it’ll probably end up turning into a sick mass combat, but we’ll see… πŸ™‚


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