Meh, craft day is a boring topic… suffice it to say, I sold stuff at one craft fair last weekend, and did okay. My stuff is being taken to another craft fair this Saturday, so hopefully I’ll sell more stuff. That would be kewl.

Today is just a musical week, cuz I found another goth compilation yesterday, 3 CDs for $10. How can you pass that up? 🙂 It’s pretty kewl so far, if a bit dance-y. But it’s where the Apoptygma Berzerk remixes of both “Tears” by the Cruxshadows and “Sweet” by Switchblade Symphony are, so it’s all good. Actually, I now have 3 copies of the latter song… all different lengths… weirdness…

It also has what I think is my new favorite APB song, “Love Never Dies (Part 1)”… it samples some classical stuff, and, well, it’s APB. Too bad most of their CDs are sucky… stuff they put on comps is kewl as hell… 🙂

Christmas shopping is 99% done. I have 3 gifts to finish making, and I will probably buy one more thing before all is said and done… only problem being that I’m not sure what that one more thing will be… I had one idea, but that may or may not happen… need to do some looking… Anyways, it’s nice to have it all done before mid-December, that’s for sure… 🙂


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