Yet another game recap day.

Only played in Where Angels Fear to Tread over the weekend. Felt kinda lame cuz we couldn’t accomplish the one feat we set out to do, but, then again, we didn’t start out with much of a plan. Cuz no, a Santa Claus convention really isn’t a good plan… 🙂 And we did ultimately get some good information, it just wasn’t all that useful at that point… and I got to have fun Dominating silly little mortals… 🙂

There’s supposed to be game on Friday this week, but I really don’t want to go… yeah, XP is nice, but there are a great many things that I can think of that are much nicer… 🙂

There’s a stupid bug flying around in my office, which has nothing to do with game, but it’s pissing me off… so I’m off to try to kill it… whee! 🙂


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