And we have a game update this week as well… I went and played in the Paducah OWBN game for a couple of hours on Sunday night. Would have been nice to be able to stay longer, but as it takes me about an hour and a half to make the drive, and I had to work yesterday, I thought leaving about quarter after 10 was a good thing… 🙂

Anyways, it was a pretty fun game. A bit slow at the beginning, but most games are… especially when a lot of people have in-week scenes to run. But Mel got to have a nice chat with Elizabeth about Toreador stuff in C-dale, got to talk ever so briefly with Dizzy, and finally found out who Saul Good is. It’s kinda funny meeting all these characters that Dani had such a long history with, but Mel has only heard stories about. What’s funnier is that Mel learned the history of the domain from Peaches (Cindy), and now she’s turning around and telling the history to Elizabeth (Cindy’s new character)… so we will perpetuate the old stories, no matter what… 🙂

I also came to the realization last night that the oldest C-dale PC who is still based in C-dale is now Kenneth, followed by Karac, and then G-lo. I’m not counting Harun, because he was an ST PC for like 4 years, and was never really involved in plots and interactions during that time. It’s so sad that Kenneth is the oldest C-dale PC, because I remember when he was a brand new character… *sigh*… I think I’m getting old, at least as far as that game is concerned…

Anyways, the best part about going to Paducah was that I came home with a list of things that I needed to take care of, and I’ve gotten started on all of those things. It’s good to have a bit of enthusiasm for a game from time to time… 🙂


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