Time for a different sort of quasi-music-rant. Err… it’s a quasi-rant… definitely about music… whatever… 🙂

Remixes is the topic for today. Because, you see, Thor got me “Frozen Embers,” which is a bunch of remixes of Cruxshadows songs. And then I got myself “Fortress in Flames,” which is even more remixes of Cruxshadows songs.

Now I love the Cruxshadows. And there is nothing wrong with remixes in and of themselves. But did I really need five different remixes of “Citadel”? Well, maybe. I do like that song a lot. Four remixes of “Cassandra”? Okay, I suppose that’s alright, cuz, again, I like that song alot. At least three (probably more) remixes of “Winterborn”? I’d complain, except that one of them is really awesome.

See, just a quasi-rant… because though I don’t really NEED all of these remixes, some of them are decently good, and thus are a worthwhile addition to my collection…

But I don’t need three more remixes of “Return,” which is why I’m resisting buying “Vier Factor”… cuz I want the one exclusive track that’s on there, but everything else is remixes, and most of the remixes of other bands are also songs I already have…

So what I’m asking for is more new stuff, not more remixes. Because though I want to have EVERYTHING the Cruxshadows have ever put out, I’d rather get a whole CD of new (or new-ish) stuff, like “Echoes and Artifacts,” to yet another remix CD…

*sigh*… guess that’s what I get for liking goth-y techno-y dance-y music… 🙂

(And this is made all the more funny by the fact that the Apoptygma Berzerk remix of “Tears” just started playing on my computer… 🙂 )


In other news, I’ve discovered that I’m either unclassifiable as to type of goth, or I’m the weirdest hybrid of different styles and subcultures known to man… case in point? Last night I was wearing flare legged jeans, my Delirium T-shirt, and a plaid flannel shirt… hippie-goth-grunge-wha?! Meh, I just wear what’s comfortable most of the time, and save the real gothness for dress-up occasions… mostly game… 🙂


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