Not much news on the gaming front. Gonna go to Paducah again on Sunday, though I don’t have to drive this time, and I can stay for the whole game, as I’m off work next Monday… w00t! 🙂 Mel’s got several things going at the moment, I’m just waiting on some info from Dennis at the moment, to see which direction I’m going in next. I should probably send in in-weeks for my home chronicle too… 🙂

Apparently we were supposed to learn something in the Sabbat game last time, but seeing as it was over a month ago, I’ve apparently forgotten… but Cindy did too, so I don’t feel too bad… 🙂 Actually, I can think of a couple of lessons that could have been learned, but I’m not sure which one the STs were going for. Doesn’t matter much, cuz Paz is just exceptionally pissed off at two other Cainites at the moment, and there BETTER be something done about that.

I worked a little on Star’s background last night, but didn’t get far… still waiting to hear back from the STs on a little bit of information, though I have managed to work around the lack of said information. And her soundtrack is finished, so that’s kewl at least… 🙂

And then there’s the upcoming Werewolf game, which will need a name soon, cuz, as I said when the Crystal Tower started, I hate just calling a game “my game”… especially this one, as it’s not my game… I’m NOT head ST! But yeah, we need to work on that, but when the head ST is out of town, it’s hard to do. And we sooooo need a third ST!

But yeah, that’s about it at the moment…


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