The crafting front has definitely died down since Christmas, though I suppose I should really be working harder on the upcoming craft fair for Valentine’s Day, and the crafty stuff I need to make for our table at E-Con. But I’m mostly lazy, and have a tendency to sit in front of my computer for a long time and accomplish very little. Or at least that’s what I did last night.

I did manage to free form a leaf the other night, which I was pretty proud about. For those not familiar with crochet, all this really means is that I made a leaf without using a pattern. Go me! 🙂 Actually, I had a pattern, but it sucked… so I modified it till I liked it. At any rate, roses look far better when they have leaves, so this is a good thing. 🙂

I’m beginning to get the hang of putting fairly basic symbols on hats as well. I could do lettering, too, I’m relatively confident. Thus far, Jim S. got a hat with the Sabbat symbol on it, and I made myself a hat with a star on it. The star isn’t the greatest, but it’s basically a costume piece for the new Cam game, and it’s cute enough… 🙂 Still couldn’t have managed the Decepticon symbol in crochet, but Samwise’s hat turned out fine anyway… 🙂

Still haven’t done hardly any of my sewing. I’m still waiting to get some stuff out of my computer room, so that I can put the sewing machine back in there, and leave it out all the time. That way, I’ll actually do some sewing more often… 🙂


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