Well, the craftiness is picking up again, as I received a trash bag full of yarn on Friday night (thank you to Randy, Kristy, and J, all of whom played a part in it ultimately landing in my living room… 🙂 ). The color selection was not one I would have bought for myself, but free yarn is free yarn, and there are three projects coming out of the bag already… with more to develop, I’m sure… 🙂

1) Afghan for my future niece, who will be born around the end of April

2) Afghan for my friend’s son or daughter, who will be born around August

3) Afghan for J, because he likes orange, and there was orange yarn in the bag… 🙂

I’m also still working on roses for Valentine’s Day, and dice bags for E-Con. Busy busy busy… 🙂


In other news, I am tired of the cold weather already, as it is making my skin painfully dry. And while I like the scent of my body lotion (warm vanilla sugar, of course), I don’t much care for the fact that I have to coat myself in it every time I get out of the shower!


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