So even though I’m off work today, I suppose I should hold to my usual posting schedule, as there were two games this past weekend.

I wasn’t really at the Friday game long enough to say much about it, other than it was fairly small, though there were a lot of visiting players. Mel finally appointed a lesser Harpy, in the form of Simon… while Dawn thinks OOC that this is gonna bite me in the ass someday, Mel is dumb, and thus makes some dumb choices from time to time. 🙂 And it’s only because of OOC knowledge I have that I know how bad of an idea this was… 🙂 So we’ll just keep it all IC, and go with it… 🙂

Game on Saturday was fun, as it typically is. I love being the little Lasombra who can sit back and throw Arms at people, and completely stay out of combat. I have discovered a great many things that I need for that character, though, and it’s very slow going. Though I checked my XP history today, and discovered that this was the 8th game. So yeah, we’re advancing slowly, but we also haven’t played much. It’s just odd to only have 8 games between 4 months… but holidays will do that to you every time.

And that’s about it. Now, I’m off to watch “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” because I AM a pulp-era movie junkie, and thus bought the movie on the day it came out. 🙂


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