Nothing much to report on the craftiness front. I’m still working on roses, but that’s slowed down temporarily so that I can work on my super sekrit project. And since it’s super sekrit, that means no details here, yet.

Every day, I really think more and more that I need to buy a new digital camera, so that I can take pictures of my stuff that will actually be “developed” or available to post more quickly. I think I’m gonna work on my taxes tonight, and see if I’ll be getting a nice refund, which will be able to be used for buying said camera. Hell, I could just go buy one, but I’m silly like that sometimes. I’ve gotten better about buying myself things that I want, but I’m still hesitant about it sometimes.


In other news, I forgot to bring CDs to work today. Not like I don’t have a full crate of them on my desk. But I’m listening to internet radio again, and I’m a bit disturbed by the fact that this theoretically random station just played Jane’s Addiction and now is playing Porno for Pyros. Two doses of Perry Farrell in a row is an odd way to spend part of the morning… 🙂


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