Not at work today, as I decided to take the day to fight off the cold that seemed to want to grab me. I’m feeling a whole lot better, but as it would be silly to go to work for 2 hours, I’ll just stay here at home. 🙂

End of the Work Week Wisdom, nonetheless:

“We should take a trip now to see new places
I’m sick of this town and I’ve seen my faces change.”

“Say Hello to Angels” by Interpol

Which is, btw, a hint about a sekrit… don’t worry though, it’s only staying sekrit for about three more hours…

And I’m not even sure that I need to keep it sekrit, because I don’t think the person it is a sekrit from will read this in the next three hours, but I don’t want to ruin it, just in case… cryptic enough for ya? 😉

Suffice it to say that Dawn has been doing a happy dance since about noon today…


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