A rare Saturday post, to reveal what yesterdays sekrit was… 🙂

I found out a week ago that Interpol was playing in St. Louis in March. At that time, I was under the impression that tickets had already gone on sale, cuz my friend Shawn bought his last Friday. I wanted to wait to see if J thought he could get some time off work, and if he wanted to go. After I asked him about it, I tried to get tickets, but it seemed that the show was already sold out… 😦

Well, then Jamie E-mailed me to tell me that tickets went on sale yesterday at noon. I was a little confused, but I went to the Interpol site, and saw that they did. So I waited around till noon, then jumped on and bought 2 tickets…

So J and I get to go see Interpol! 🙂 And apparently, we’re like the only people in our group of friends who even know who they are, so: Interpol’s webpage. Enjoy! 🙂


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