Well, I didn’t post yesterday cuz a) I was at a craft fair all day, and b) I didn’t watch any movies except for “Constantine” last week, and I don’t want to talk too much about it, since it doesn’t even come out till Friday… 🙂

So now it’s game day. Let’s see here…

We went to E-ville on Friday for their OWBN game. Had a pretty good time, and all three of us who went (myself, J, and Karac) came back with some useful information of varying sorts. So that’s kewl. I got to chat with some other Toreador, and found out about ANOTHER Toreador tattoo artist. That means I know of at least five, including myself. Two are NPCs in our game, but still. That’s a lot. Especially when I couldn’t find a painter to save my life. 🙂

Sabbat game on Saturday was great. I accidentally killed one of my packmates (oops!) because he had Soul Steal used on him, and then I put up a Shroud. Instant Oblivion. Hurrah! 🙂 At least I played along with what my character knew, rather than what I knew. I knew it was instant death for Wraiths, but Paz has no clue, cuz she had never encountered that before. She had been told that Giovanni don’t like Shroud, because it does bad things to their ghosts, but that was about it. Anyways, she almost died too, but luckily the non-ducti worked fast, and she survived. We’re still in a bad position in that game, but it’s becoming more fun. My pack works really well together, and the other ducti even mentioned that mine is one of the best functioning packs.

This weekend is gonna be crazy mad game weekend. Actually, this whole week is. Tomorrow night, I have scenes to run with Dennis for the local OWBN game. Thursday, (new) Nate and I have an ST meeting for the upcoming Garou game. Friday, local OWBN game, with formal Elysium. Saturday, Sabbat game. Sunday, J and I (and maybe Karac) are going to the Paducah game, cuz it rocks. I’ll be maxed on my OWBN XP for the month on Friday, but Paducah game is good enough that we’ll go anyway… and J hasn’t been there yet.


In other news, yesterday was a very good day. The craft fair wasn’t the greatest, but J is. 🙂


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