I haven’t done much crochet in the past couple of weeks. Been taking a break from it mostly after finishing up my roses for the craft fair. Then again, I’ve also been relatively busy. 🙂

I did try to show Shannon how to do some pretty simple stuff on Saturday. She’s gonna try to teach me to knit. We’ll see if I can learn it now, a good year after I tried the first time.

The craft fair was somewhat disappointing, in that by the next day, I had made arrangements to sell just about as much stuff as I had sold during the actual craft fair. So that was kinda bizarre and weird. But it’s not all bad, because I’m using my quasi-success to justify buying 4 Voltaire CDs… 🙂


In other news, I’m gearing up for the big gaming weekend. Hopefully this will only happen once a month, if that… cuz it’s going to be insane. It does add to the insanity that this is the formal Elysium game on Friday, that Sabbat plays this week and then skips a week, and that Paducah is always volatile… 🙂 But I think it’ll be fun, just crazed… 🙂


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