First off, the slight disappointment. We were going to watch “Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter” on Friday night, but it’s in .avi format, and neither J’s PS2 or computer could handle it. We’re going to see if my DVD player or computer can, at some point. From the minimal dialogue we heard, it seems that it will be a riot… though whether of the laughing hysterically or hunting down the director variety remains to be seen.

But I did watch some other movies. I finally picked up the first two “Mummy” movies again (I think this is the third time I’ve had to get them), and enjoyed watching both of those. I also watched “Office Space” over the weekend, and that never gets old. 🙂

I finally got to see “Iron Monkey” on Friday night, as we chose that when JCVH wouldn’t work. Pretty good movie, awesome kung fu, though the plot was a little transparent. Meh, it was still fun to watch, though I maintain that I don’t like watching movies with subtitles when I’m eating, cuz I miss stuff. But once I was done eating, it was good. 🙂

And I’ve gotten a preliminary review on “Cursed,” which tells me wait until it’s out on DVD. 🙂


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