Well, I was thinking about cramming all of the early part of the week’s usual entries into one, but then I decided to just skip them, and get on with today’s music post.

Interpol. ohmygod.

Yeah, the show was last night, and it was incredibly cool! We got in about quarter to 7, made a mad dash for the stage, and stayed there. So when Q and not U came on, the lead singer was RIGHT in front of us. And when Interpol came on, when the guitarist would move away from his mic, he stood RIGHT in front of us. So despite the drunk girls to the right, the drunk bitches to the left, and the 12 year old boys behind us, it was all good. And no, I’m not really exaggerating any of our neighbors. There was one couple that seemed okay nearby, and the 12 year old boys weren’t bad, they just looked soooo out of place… but I guess I looked 12 at some of the shows I’ve been to… hell, I’m sure I didn’t even look 21 last night… 🙂

So yeah. Q and not U was pretty good. Couldn’t understand most of what they were singing, but there were a couple of songs that I heard people in the crowd singing, so that’s neat. And the lead singer played a recorder, and some sort of keyboard that he blew into to make it make noise. So rock on for odd instruments… 🙂

Interpol was absolutely awesome. I can’t remember all of what they played (I never can), but they played “Slow Hands” and “Narc” back to back, which made me super happy. The encore was three songs from their first CD… “Stella,” “Say Hello to Angels,” and now I forget what the last one was. My only disappointment was that they didn’t play “Obstacle 2,” but meh, I can live. I have it on my computer… 🙂

And J caught one of the drumsticks that the drummer threw out into the crowd. Gave it to one of his managers at work, which is very kewl, especially since he’s a drummer and wanted to go to the show.

Now to figure out what to do with my ticket to save it… 🙂


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