Movie watching hasn’t been too high on the list of things to do lately, though I have watched a couple of movies I’ve already seen. “28 Days Later” was on the agenda for Friday, and “Ghost Ship” last night, as J hadn’t seen either of them yet. So yeah, good movies in both cases, rife with examples of people in horror movies being retarded… cuz that happens a lot.

I’m not a really big fan of horror movies, though I’ve grown to like them a lot more in the past few years. My parents never let me watch them as a kid, which was probably a good thing. Later, when I was able to choose my own movies, they just didn’t seem like my thing, and I often had people telling me that I would be scared by them. I guess they may have been right, as I don’t always do well with scary things. But I’ve gotten considerably better with it over the years, to the point where I now own several legitimate horror movies that don’t involve vampires (cuz I’ve never really had much of a problem with those)! πŸ™‚

I think I’m going to have to watch “The Princess Bride” sometime this week. It’s been far too long since I’ve watched it, since there are few people that I can con into watching it with me… πŸ™‚ Something about me quoting every line, and having seen it 300 times, I suppose…

“Yes, I am a silly girl…”



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