Well, yeah, I suppose there is a game update to be made. OWBN got cancelled on Friday, but we played Sabbat on Saturday.

Paz is no longer. This is not surprising in the slightest. I went into the game knowing full well that I wasn’t going to survive the night. As it went, I did have a slight chance to save the character, but it wasn’t an option I was willing to take. She would have had to back down from declaring herself Bishop, which would have effectively made her less than nothing within the city. A few people already didn’t like her, they would have made her unlife (and that of her pack) miserable. So if she had lived, she probably would have had to leave.

At least I was prepared for it, and expecting it. And at least she didn’t die to exploding cars. In fact, her death was completely off screen, and I like it better that way. Sure, that might lead to some people not believing that she’s dead, but her pack will know, as their vinculum ratings for Paz will have broken.

Anyways, this means it’s time for Ember, which is going to be fun. She’s a Tzimisce dominatrix. Actually, she’s a lot of things, but the dominatrix explanation seems to work well… 🙂 I’ve gotten her background about halfway done already, once I finally found the right voice and style to write it in. So far, it’s going very smoothly, and I’m hoping to finish it off today. Soundtrack is already done, and that’s definitely contributing to the smooth flow of the story. I’m working in a format similar to Morgan’s background, where each “chapter” is capped with a song quote from the soundtrack, but rather than a narrative story, it’s all first person.

So yeah, I’m definitely pleased with the overall outcome of Paz’s time in the game, and I’m looking forward to playing Ember. And thus far, it’s looking like she’s got a much better survival rate… 😉

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