I realized yesterday that I’m currently involved in six different games. This is almost to the point of ricockulousness (yeah, that’s a made up word), but not quite. Here’s the rundown…

Orpheus: The good news is that after this weekend, this one goes away. So then I’ll be down to five games. I’m pretty much done with the work I need to do for it, just a little more tweaking of the plot, and making sure all the character stuff is ready to go. Should have most of that work done today, and then still have a couple of days to fine tune it. Should be a fun game, I think! 🙂

OWBN: Not too much going on here right now, but I do have the next Elysium to consider. I’ve started working on it already, though I haven’t gotten far. I need to contact one of the St. Louis players, but thus far, I haven’t been able to get ahold of him. I’m also going to need a bit more music than I have thus far, but at least I’ve got someone giving me one CD… 🙂 I’d just rather get most of this taken care of BEFORE the last minute, as I didn’t enjoy running around like a chicken with my head cut off last time. The good news is that these things are now regularly scheduled, so I have some advance notice as to when I have to plan things for… 🙂

Sabbat: Luckily, I’m officially between characters in this game. I have all of my stuff for my new character submitted, but I don’t really have to do anything with her until the next game rolls around. No in-weeks or other planning necessary… 🙂 If I get my background points before the next game, I’ll probably want to spend them (and maybe some of my XP), but until that, I’ve got nothing… 🙂

Cammie: There’s still almost 3 weeks till the next Cammie game, so right now, I’m mostly just chilling. I have to finish a report that I’m working on, and write my in-weeks eventually, but for now, there’s nothing pressing. Gotta decide where I want my XP to go, but I think I’ve got that sorted out too. Also, there’s only 2 more sessions of this game before they go on their summer hiatus, so it’s really not too pressing to put too much work into it. 🙂

Garou: And then the Garou game will pick up right where the Cammie game leaves off, at least in terms of when we play… 🙂 Luckily, there isn’t a whole lot to work on for this right at the moment. The Nates and I need to go up to St. Louis at some point, so they can see the caern, and we need to work on plot, but I think all of the rules crap is finally sorted out. Now we’re waiting on backgrounds and character sheets, but they technically aren’t due for a month, so I’m sure we’ll only see a slight trickle until then… 🙂

Shards: This is a TT game that I got into just this past Sunday, run by Dennis. I’m really enjoying it thus far, even if I haven’t done a whole lot just yet. I like his STing style, and I can tell already that there’s a LOT of backstory and behind-the-scenes stuff going on, and that’s awesome. Granted, I am only playing a grad student (it’s a mortals in the WoD game), but she’s a fun character… needs a little development, but I think she’s okay so far. She’s not a terribly far stretch from myself, I suppose, which makes it easy to play her… 🙂

And yeah, that’s six. Craziness, I tell you. But it’s a lot of fun too… 🙂 The nice thing about a plethora of games is that it usually gives me a lot of ideas for writing, and as I’ve been wanting to do more writing, this is a good thing. 🙂 Now, to find the time to write… 😉


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