Music to mention, not to rant about. 🙂

Finally remembered to borrow some CDs from J last week, so I have much new music… well, it’s not really new, not even new to me, but it’s good stuff… 🙂

First off, three Erasure CDs–The Innocents, Chorus, and Pop (which is greatest hits). All good stuff to have, though I really hadn’t heard much from Chorus previously. I used to own The Innocents (apparently), and Pop (I remember owning that one). The only thing I want now is Wild, which was one of my favorite tapes when I was a senior in high school… 13 years ago… *sigh*…

Second off, Bowie. 🙂 Changesbowie is good, but the new 2 CD set is even better. It does not, unfortunately, have the Bowie and Trent Reznor duet of “Hurt,” but that’s okay. There’s still a lot of good stuff on there, and much of it is stuff I didn’t have already. 🙂

We also swapped some Smashing Pumpkins (he had Adore, I had Mellon Collie), and I finally got a copy of the “Sin” single by NIN. Mostly it’s just remixes of “Sin” (odd, that), but it also has “Get Down Make Love,” so that’s kewl to finally have… 🙂

And I think that’s all… 🙂 Still have a lot more CDs that I want to borrow, but I’ve got time.

In other music news, I’m trying to get my hands on some swing music, but not real swing music. More like stuff that was popular a few years back. I think I’ve got the hook-up on that, though. Gotta love gamers, we collectively listen to EVERYTHING ever made. 🙂


And in other news, I’m very pleased with the fact that spring seems to have come to southern Illinois, and additionally pleased that starting next week, we’ll have even more daylight after work, allowing J and I to go places outside… 🙂

Of course, I’m gonna be cursing daylight savings time when I wake up at 7 a.m. Sunday morning, and it feels like 6 a.m. But once I get past that, it’ll be good… 🙂

Actually, I’ll probably be cursing that phenomenon known as morning all weekend, due to E-Con. Luckily, I’m off work on Monday, so I can recuperate from it… 🙂


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