And here’s the End of the Work Week Wisdom, because I’m back to actually working full weeks again…

“If I get there early will it be the right time
our heaven is just waiting so put your hand into mine
if I get too surly will you take that in stride
our boat is just there waiting so put your little hand in mine.”

“Specialist” by Interpol

Unfortunately, the one Interpol song that I’ve heard that I don’t own… *pout*… and it’s a really good song…

But yeah, until May (until after the play, actually), I’m working full weeks, every week. I am SO taking a vacation week in June… and maybe another at some other point, depending on what’s going on this summer… ah, paid vacations… šŸ™‚

In the meantime, though, before my vacations, I’m going to be super duper busy, and I can’t complain about that too much, because being busy is infinitely preferable to being bored… šŸ™‚


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