Went and bought myself a new DVD player last night. It’s possible that the old one still works, but highly doubtful. The new one works like a dream… 🙂

And I’ve actually watched quite a few movies over the past week…

“Terminator” – I had never seen this before, and J owned it, so we watched it the other night. I liked it quite a bit more than I anticipated I would, though part of my enjoyment was looking at just how 80s it was… 🙂 I was also amused by the fact that there weren’t any recognizable songs in it, probably because the budget wouldn’t allow for it… 🙂

“Living in Oblivion” – One of the odd movies that I own, this got watched when I still didn’t have a functioning DVD player… but my VCR works fine. It’s an odd, not well-known, Steve Buscemi movie. I like it a lot, though the pace is a bit slow for most people…

“Scarface” – Well, I didn’t watch all of this yet, because it’s a long movie, we got started on it later than anticipated, and I kept getting phone calls (*). But from what I’ve seen of it so far, it’s pretty good. I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t a mafia movie… that was my perception of what it was, probably because Al Pacino is in it… 🙂

I also finished watching the new “Dawn of the Dead” (again), which was the last thing that my DVD player almost successfully played, and put on “Underworld” as background noise. I think I watched something else yesterday as well, but I can’t recall what it was, if I did.

Well, aside from Robot Chicken, which is, indeed, the bomb.


In other news, related to the (*) above, I am now an aunt. My niece was born on Saturday, which also happens to be my sister’s birthday. Still waiting on pictures from my mom, which she said she’d send when she got home.

In other other news, the Nates and I had a nice trip to St. Louis on Saturday, though I am still exhausted from that and the normal lack of weekend sleep. We had a gorgeous day for it, too, and J and I now have tons and tons of super good, super cheap, super fresh food. I’ll be eating salads all week… 🙂

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