Haven’t had a whole lot of movie watching time this week, but there has been a little bit.

I finished watching “Scarface” on Sunday morning, having started watching it last Sunday. Though it is particularly 80s, and rather violent, I liked it pretty well. 🙂 Wasn’t exactly what I had expected it to be (I thought it was an Italian mafia movie), but it was still pretty good.

Last night, we went and caught “Sin City” finally, which was AWESOME! I really liked the whole look of the movie… very film noir, and very sharp. I very much want to read the graphic novels now, because I think it’s the sort of comic I could get into… 🙂

Other than that, I think I only watched stuff I had already seen before, like “Fellowship of the Ring” and parts of “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Chicago”… with all of the other stuff I’ve been doing, I’ve had almost no time to watch movies. Mostly I get a little bit of time to watch pieces of movies on the weekends at J’s, and maybe one night a week, I sit down and watch something else. But now that rehearsals are starting up full force, I think it’ll mostly be weekends that I can watch stuff, and that’s about it.

And of course, that’s if I’m not sitting around playing The Sims. 😉


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