Not much of excitement on the crafting front. I had a list of 7 crochet projects to work on. I finished one of them, and I consolidated two of them into a single project, which is getting close to done. So after that, four more to go. Well, probably more than that, as I keep getting other ideas of stuff I could do… like headbands and hair scarves and such. These seem like a good idea with the length my hair is at right now, and the fact that summer is coming… 🙂

I’m still listening to the new NIN. I listened to it about 3 times yesterday, and decided it was my best bet for waking me up this morning, as I’m really tired today. I’m gonna try to get to bed early tonight so that I’m not so tired tomorrow. And if I’m lucky, I’ll get to bed at a reasonable hour (say midnight-ish) on Friday night, since I’m gonna have to wake up way early on Saturday for the yard sale… 😦

But for today, I’d really like a nap. 🙂


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