Couple of movies this week, though only one was new.

“Miracle Mile” – This was a movie that J had remembered seeing quite some time ago. We actually had to search on IMDB for it, and then I found a copy on eBay, which I bought for him (and so that I could see it too). It’s a very 80s, but very good movie. I was particularly amused by the costuming… 🙂 It’s also got a very 80s feel because of the idea of extreme paranoia about nuclear war. There were parts of it where I said that only in the 80s could such a thing be taken as seriously as these characters were taking it… 🙂

“Beetlejuice” – oh, I’ve seen this one plenty of times. I just finally bought a copy of it. 🙂 I think Gabe had it on VHS, but I didn’t have it… so I finally broke down and bought it. And loved it. “I am alone. I am utterly alone.” 🙂

I also reacquired a copy of the Type O Negative video collection, “After Dark.” Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with the way I’ve got my TV hooked up to my DVD player, I think, because the sound quality is really shitty. I’ve noticed it on a few other DVDs I have, but mostly it’s on that one. I think it’s the connection. I need to find some A/V cables and hook up the TV to the ghetto stereo… hopefully that will solve part of the problem… 🙂

In other news, the yard sale went well, and I got a lot of nifty stuff, mostly for the purposes of crafting. And presents for J. Because I finally found him a portable bar kit, after wanting to buy him one 7 and 1/2 months ago (at the last yard sale)… 🙂


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