Well, let’s see. Friday was the second “Formal Elysium” for the OWBN game, and I was miserable. I didn’t want to be there in the first place, but went anyway. Luckily, we only stayed till about 10 p.m., so at least I wasn’t there all night. And I got an extra XP for planning all the casino night stuff. I heard that things picked up a bit after we left with the card playing, but I missed all of that. Ah well, people seemed to have fun, so I guess that works. And I did get to wear a really cute dress… πŸ™‚

Saturday was Sabbat, and it went relatively well. Not particularly well for Ember, but well for the sect as a whole. The brilliant planning I had done flopped horribly, because the target ended up having Majesty… damn Toreador… 😦 But then the rest of them almost tooled her, and did end up tooling the Scourge, so that was a good thing. They also took out a sniper who has been killing us left and right, so that’s another good thing.

Looking forward now to the first Garou game, which is on Saturday. Still quite a bit of stuff to do for that, but we’re working through it… πŸ™‚


In other news, my back hurts. 😦


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