Well, not much music to talk about at the moment. Still playing around with my LaunchCast stations, and occasionally being very happy when I find something I can’t believe is on there. Like the “Velvet Goldmine” soundtrack. That made me super happy! 🙂

Oooh, oooh, cover rant! 🙂

So Duran Duran apparently has an entire CD of cover songs. This is one of those half and half sort of things. I love Duran Duran, and I always have. But some of their covers are just BAD. I know I mentioned “911 is a Joke” here before. BAD. But I love their cover of “Thank You.” So I guess I’m gonna have to take it song by song, as I hear them.

Oh, and U2 does a cover of “Satelite of Love”… I’m kinda baffled by this one, because I really like that song, but I don’t really like U2, but I kinda maybe like their cover?! It’s confusing in my brain, too. 🙂

And “With Teeth” still rocks my world. 🙂


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