Gah! The play opens in 2 weeks! Gah!

I have all of my act 1 lines memorized, and pretty much all of my act 3 lines memorized. I’m not so good on act 2, but that’s what we’re rehearsing today and tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be all good on them by tomorrow night… 🙂

But it’s still kinda freaky to think that we start performing in 2 weeks! A bit stressful, if nothing else, which probably does contribute greatly to why I’ve been so freaked out over the past couple of weeks. It’s getting a whole lot better, but I’m still a lot on edge, and it’s hard to curb that once it gets started.

Deep breaths, or something…

Don’t know what’s going on after rehearsal tomorrow yet, but Garou is Saturday, so most of my Saturday is booked up with that. I think we’re ready for it… 🙂


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