So this past weekend was my first foray back into STing in a while, and it was nice. Dredging Up Bones is the name of our new Garou game, and thus far, it seems like it’s going to be a blast. We’re probably only playing for the summer, and I like the idea of the short term game, as while it does require work, it’s a limited amount of work, with a pre-defined ending. At least in theory. 🙂

We’ve got about 20 players, give or take, and that’s not too bad. A whole bunch of cubs, another bunch of cliath, and a small handful of fostern. So that makes for some fun roleplaying, as not everyone is on precisely the same level.

And we’ve set the game at one of my favorite places in the whole world, Laumeier Scuplture Park. My only regret is that we can’t take the whole game there. But 3 of the players, and all three of the STs, have all been up there, so that’s pretty kewl.

Anyways, we’re just getting stuff off the ground at the moment, but we’ve got some good plans for the future… so that will be kewl… and as I just had a really good idea, I’m off… 🙂


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