Well, one nice thing that I’ve discovered is that by the end of this play, I’m probably going to have a new afghan almost all of the way done. I’ve had several of the other cast members ask me what I’m working on, and why it always seems like I’m starting “a new one”… well, the afghan is being done in strips, and so I am always starting a new one… 🙂 Actually, though, if my guesstimates are right, I started the last strip last night, and will start on the 2nd stage of each strip tonight, once that last strip is done. And then, when I’ve finished the 2nd stage on all of the strips, I can start putting it together… 🙂

But yeah, that’s pretty much all I’m working on right now. I made a pair of slippers earlier in the week, and they’re terribly cute, but totally impractical. Especially since it’s summer. But I suppose when I start running the A/C all the time, it might be nice to have them to put on if I’ll be home for a while.

Ah, being home for a while… now that’s a novel concept. 🙂 Well, 5 more days of rehearsal, 3 days of shows, and then I’m done with this play. This is not to say that I won’t audition for something in the fall, or next year, but it will be nice to have a break for a while… it’ll be nice to have evenings during the week where I could go “hey, let’s go see a movie”… 🙂

And yeah, probably crochet more… 🙂


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