Well, if a person is a heathen for not thinking Episode 3 was the bomb, call me a heathen. Cuz I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was hoping to be.

It wasn’t that the good parts weren’t good… it was just that the bad parts were so atrociously bad that they made me want to vomit. 🙂

Something interesting that I’ve noticed, though. People who have been alive long enough to have seen the first three movies, particularly when they were small children, are not impressed by these new ones. People who have grown up with the first three movies being old news are much more impressed by the new ones.

Now I’ll give you that visually, the newer movies are amazing. Technology will do that for you every time… but the overall quality of the movies is not that good. The dialogue is mostly lame, quippy one-liners, a lot of the characters are just there for laughs, and it’s generally just plain silly.

And I liked Yoda better when he was a puppet.

And I liked R2-D2 when he wasn’t a frickin’ ninja robot, with all kinds of crazed contraptions and equipment that he never had before… which was actually later… right.

And oh how I long for the old copies of the original three movies, in all their COMPLETELY UNALTERED glory. Give them to me the way I saw them in the theater, as a VERY small child. That’s what I want.


In other movie related news, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” looks amusing. I will have to see “Fantastic 4,” on general principle.

I want to see “The Chronicles of Narnia” desperately badly. It looks amazing. CGI amazing, but amazing nonetheless. 🙂 And no, J, it’s not Peter Jackson… ah well… 😦

“Madagascar” next weekend! 🙂


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