OWBN got cancelled on Friday, which turned out to be okay, as it meant that the game wasn’t lacking anyone in a position of authority for the better part of the evening. Well, I was pleased to not have to go, at least. 🙂

Sabbat on Saturday was an excellent time. First off, Ember finally had a plan that worked. w00t! 🙂 Second off, Ember is raking in the students like you wouldn’t believe. That’s what happens when you come into game already in training for a path that isn’t currently available in the game, and that is relatively desirable among the scholarly type characters. That’s right, I’m playing another Necronomist… and making people call them that, too… 🙂 I’m sure Seth H. is proud… 🙂

It’s kewl, too, because the ducti are generally willing to let me take their packmates for training during game, which means that we’re going to have a lot of fun roleplaying to do. Ooh, next game I should make them all watch Ember feed… that’ll be fun… 🙂

Got Garou game coming up this weekend, though I’ll only be there for maybe an hour or so, and Nathan won’t be there at all, leaving Nate to run most things on his own. Well, it’ll be okay. I’ve got a good chunk of the players helping out with things, so all should run smoothly even in the absence of 2 STs. 🙂


In other news, I’m tired. And anxiously looking forward to my long weekend. And my upcoming vacation. But that’s not for another couple of weeks yet. 🙂


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