Sure, I’m listening to part of it, might as well mention it. 🙂

“Covered in Black: A Tribute to AC/DC”… I’m not quite sure what to think of this. On the one hand, I’m not really a big AC/DC fan. On the other hand, there are some good bands on here… Electric Hellfire Club doing “Highway to Hell,” Razed in Black doing “Hell’s Bells”… can’t complain too much about either of those.

But still, it’s weird to listen to goth bands covering songs that you know to be covers, but you’re not really sure what the original sounds like… 🙂 That’s not the case for maybe half of the songs on this CD, but the other half are new to me…

In other music related news, I’ve discovered that one of my LaunchCast stations isn’t working too well, because I’ve tried to go all heavy goth with it, and LaunchCast just doesn’t have enough of that type of music available. So I started it up this morning to be greeted by two KIDS songs in a row… cuz they’re popular on LaunchCast stations… I am so sick of those words… *grumble*… no, just because other people want to hear Mariah Carey doesn’t mean I do… *grumble*…


In other news, still without a car. Hoping to have it this weekend, but suspecting I won’t see it till next week. Might have to call over to Saturn to see if they’ve got any real clue about when I’ll get it back, or if it’s still sort of ephemeral.


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