The world is complete. There is a band called Purple Penguin. They seem to be some techno-y, trip-hop band. Were it not for the fact that there are many other CDs that I know that I want, I might buy it, just to say that I have it. 🙂


In other news, I do need to go CD shopping at some point. I’ve decided that I don’t like Plaza Records, though, as I went there a couple of weekends ago, and while I found CDs I wanted, I didn’t like the prices on them… and they didn’t have anything that I really NEEDED. No one around here sells Placebo, nor hardly any of the other bands I like, which sucks.

This reminds me, Thor bought Bella Morte CDs that he said he would loan me. I need to take him the new NIN and the Asleep by Dawn that I got at Hot Topic. I should take him the other Asleep by Dawns as well, since I have three of them… 🙂

I need to borrow the old Gorillaz CD from J, and see if he does have Postal Service, or if I was just imagining that. 🙂 I need to burn him some techno CDs.

Yay, music! 🙂


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